Employment Services

Thank you for your interest in hiring an MV Advancements job seeker! Assisting workers in finding employment is the highest priority at MVA, and we look forward to partnering with area businesses to make it happen.

We support 100 individuals at work or with job development as a result of our relationship with employers in Yamhill, Polk, and Marion counties.

Employment Expectations

Businesses that hire MVA job seekers can expect these employees will meet the same expectations as other workers. They are paid and receive benefits just as any employee would.

What Skills Do You Need?

First, potential employers should compile a list of essential job skills and requirements that they are looking for in a particular position. Then, they can contact one of our employment professionals to talk about these specifics. The employment consultants at MV Advancements have many screened candidates and a great feel for their interests, strengths, and skills.

Consider the Benefits of Hiring

The advantages of bringing an MVA supported employee onto a workforce are many.

  • Statistically, they stay at their jobs longer and have better-than-average attendance.
  • Their safety-on-the-job records are high, and their training costs are low.
  • The workplace culture and public image will be enhanced by having a diverse workforce.

MV Advancements partners with Yamhill, Polk, and Marion County businesses to match workforce needs with individuals’ skills, strengths, and experience for successful hires and long-term employment.

Working with Our Employment Division

See the Team

The Employment Division empowers individuals and offers opportunities that provide substantial benefits to employers and to the community. The ultimate goal is to help individuals find jobs within their community. MV Advancements, career counselors custom-tailor jobs, match individuals’ skills to jobs and provide ongoing support to individuals for successful and fulfilling long-term careers after job placement.

Employer Support Services

  • One-on-one skills training
  • Job analyses
  • Adaptive equipment
  • On-the-job training
  • Facilitated introduction into the workplace
  • Work-site analysis

All of these services are at no cost to the employer. They are just some of the cooperative efforts we make to ensure our job seekers are employment ready!

Employee Support Services

  • hard and soft skill training
  • on-the-job coaching and evaluation
  • discovery assessments
  • job development
  • assistive technology assessments
  • employment matching
  • long-term on-the-job supports

Our Community Employers

Carl’s Junior
Chicken Shack
Chuck E Cheese (Salem)
Walmart (South Salem)
Walmart (Turner Rd)
Burgerville (Monmouth)
Capitol Manor
Polk County Fair Grounds
Walmart (Dallas)
Western Oregon University (Monmouth)
Adec (Newberg)
Albertsons (McMinnville)
Armstrong Dealership (McMinnville)
Avamere (Newberg)
Brookdale-City Center (McMinnville)
Brookdale-Hillside (McMinnville)
Chris Browne Insurance (McMinnville)
Discovery Zone (McMinnville)
DMV (McMinnville)
First Baptist Church (McMinnville)
Friendsview Retirement Center (Newberg)
Grocery Outlet (McMinnville)
Hansen Law Firm (McMinnville)
Kids on the Block (McMinnville)
Laurel Ridge Winery
McMenamins Hotel Oregon (McMinnville)
McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce
Monrovia Nursery
Napa Auto Parts (Newberg)
Papa Murphys (McMinnville)
Payne West Insurance (McMinnville)
Poseyland (McMinnville)
Rite Aid (McMinnville)
Ross Dress for Less (McMinnville)
Roth’s (McMinnville)
Safeway (McMinnville)
Safeway (Newberg)
Serendipity Ice Cream
Shari’s (McMinnville)
Spirit Mountain Casino (Grand Ronde)
Starbucks (McMinnville)
Taco Bell (McMinnville)
The Sage (McMinnville)
Ushio (Newberg)
Walmart (McMinnville)
Wascher Elementary School (Lafayette)
Washington Roofing (McMinnville)
Wine by Joe
World Class Technologies
Proud Employer Partners

Hiring motivated individuals who also happen to live with a disability, or have barriers to employment, into meaningful employment fulfills an important social mission while at the same time providing financial benefits to your company.


We work with adults to enrich their lives and also benefit the communities they live in. We do this by matching job seekers with a local business looking for hard-working, capable employees. We use a process of matching skills, abilities and interest to the job. We also provide training and ongoing support that both the individual and employer benefit from. We are dedicated to finding the best positive employment outcome.

This is the process by which we learn about skills and interests our job seekers may have. Knowledge of these facts can guide us in helping them find successful community employment.

During discovery, we may ask:

  • What do you do at home?
  • Do you have a job right now?
  • Do you volunteer?
  • What is your favorite activity or place?
  • What does your day look like?
  • What skills and interests do you have?
  • What do you dislike about your regular day?

After case management refers someone to complete a discovery profile, an employment consultant will spend time with them, get to know them in settings such as at home, out in the community, or in other programs they attend. It also includes interviewing people involved in their lives who know them well. This discovery process could take up to three months and may be extended. Completed discovery profiles could include a referral to Vocational Rehabilitation for job development.

We support many job-seekers who are motivated to work but aren’t quite sure yet what kind of job they would enjoy and be well-suited to. Through Employment Path, these individuals can sample a variety of vocational settings while building essential skills in preparation for the world of work. This may include business touring and job shadowing, volunteering, exploratory work experiences and vocational training, community-based classes, or assessment for creative solutions in Assistive Technology. Referrals for this service are sent by Case Management.

This service assists job seekers to find employment in their community. An employment consultant assists job seekers with meeting and interviewing local businesses that fit their employment strengths, interests, and employment goals. The employment consultant will contact businesses on the behalf of job seekers and keep them informed of the progress. Vocational Rehabilitation is the agency that refers individuals to MV Advancements for job developing.

Job coaching is a service job seekers use after they have been hired. MV Advancements wants and empowers new hires to succeed in their jobs. An employment consultant ensures clients have the tools and support necessary to learn job duties, facilitate reasonable accommodation if necessary, and provide employment counseling outside the workplace. This service is funded by Vocational Rehabilitation for 90 days after workers are hired.

Long-term or on-going supports help workers maintain their jobs. An employment consultant will visit the job sites, meet supervisors, and work with natural supports. MV Advancements also assist with retraining or training on new tasks. We want workers to be successful in their new careers, and we maintain contact with clients and employers on a regular basis. This service is funded by Case Management or personal agents.

We support some of the most reliable, skilled and motivated employees who add incredible value to the places they work.

-Marie Gwilliam, MV Advancements, Employment Manager