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By partnering with Yamhill, Polk and Marion county businesses we’re able to match workforce needs with our clients’ skills and experience for successful hires and long-term supported employment.

After being referred to MVA for employment services, adults with developmental disabilities will begin a path of discovery with a trained professional who specializes in this process. Together, they will identify clients’ interests, skill sets and what training might be required. Job shadows, job trials, practice interviews, resume writing, community work evaluations, job coaching and other placement tools all are available during the job development process.

With an eye ultimately on individual community employment, MVA career counselors will custom-tailor clients’ path to successful and fulfilling work and provide ongoing support. The pride of employment empowers clients and benefits the employer and community at large.

We work with adults to enrich their lives and also benefit the communities they live in. We do this by matching job seekers with a local business looking for hard-working, capable employees. We use a process of matching skills, abilities and interest to the job. We also provide training and ongoing support that both the individual and employer benefit from. We are dedicated to finding the best positive employment outcome.
There is a lot more to getting a job then people may realize, and we want to make sure our job seekers are prepared. We work one on one with clients to teach interviewing skills, application processes, resume writing, grooming and hygiene for the work place, employer expectations and transportation logistics.
Our detailed process involves gathering information while an individual is working at a local business. During the short-term service, clients earn minimum wage and are paid by MV Advancements. A comprehensive report then identifies vocational strengths and recommendations regarding employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation is the agency that refers clients to MV Advancements for a Community Work Evaluation.

This is the process by which we learn about skills and interests our clients may have. Knowledge of these facts can guide us in finding successful community employment for them.

During discovery, we may ask clients:

  • What do you do at home?
  • Do you have a job right now?
  • Do you volunteer?
  • What is your favorite activity or place?
  • What does your day look like?
  • What skills and interests do you have?
  • What do you dislike about your regular day?

After a service coordinator refers clients to a discovery profile, an employment specialist will spend time with them, getting to know them in settings such as at home, out in the community or in other programs they attend. It also will include interviewing people involved in clients’ lives who know them well. This could take up to three months and may be extended. Completed discovery profiles could include a referral to vocational rehabilitation for job development.

Job shadowing is a service to help clients learn about the types of jobs available in the community. An employment specialist takes clients to visit different businesses to get an idea of the type of work they do. Job hardening will aids clients in building stamina and helping them learn about employer expectations while working in a MV Advancements community job earning minimum wage.
This service assists clients in finding employment in their community. An employment professional helps clients with meeting and interviewing local businesses that fit their employment strengths, interests and employment goals. The employment specialist will contact businesses on clients’ behalf and keep them informed of the progress. Vocational Rehabilitation is the agency that refers clients to MV Advancements for a job developing.
Job coaching is a service clients use after they have been hired. This is an exciting time, and MV Advancements wants workers to succeed in their new jobs. An employment professional ensures clients have the tools and support necessary to learn job duties, facilitate reasonable accommodation if necessary and provide employment counseling outside the work place. This service is funded by Vocational Rehabilitation for 90 days after workers are hired.
Long-term or on-going supports help clients maintain their jobs. An employment professional will visit the job site, meet supervisors and work with natural supports. We also assist with retraining or training on a new duty. We want workers to be successful in their new careers, and we maintain contact with clients and employers on a regular basis. This service is funded by service coordinators or personal agents.

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Department of Human Services (Dallas)
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Western Oregon University

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