Watch this video to hear from a few of our own Direct Support Professionals about why they love what they do!

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Employment Careers

  • Develop job seekers and match them to employers in the community

Day Support Activities

  • Assisting individual to achieve their personal goals within the community

Residential Careers

  • Work side-by-side with clients to help fulfill personal goals

Supported Living Careers

  • Empowering clients to live independent and fulfilling lives

We’re Hiring!

Join the MV Advancements team and experience:

  • Passion for all people – We put people first in everything we do!
  • Trust and respect – We work together to create a culture of inclusion built on trust, respect, and dignity for all!
  • Growth through teamwork – We collaborate because each person is key to our success! Collaboration achieves better outcomes for all!
  • Uncompromising integrity – We are open, honest and direct in all we do and say!
  • Innovation – We are flexible and look for new and innovative ways to enhance our services!

Applicants must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • pass drug screening with a negative result
  • pass a Department of Human Services background check
  • be able to read, write and speak fluent English
  • a DMV driving record check may also be required depending upon position.

It is important for you to know your rights and responsibilities as a potential employee of MV Advancements. MV Advancements is a drug-free work environment because we provide quality supports and 24-hour care for individuals in order to provide the best care possible and to keep individuals safe. Please review the following links before applying to work at MV Advancements.

Family and Medical Leave Act

Offenses that Disqualify Employment

We welcome applicants who have a passion for working with adults experiencing disabilities.

Please review our job openings here and apply online. If you have questions about a position, please email human resources, or call us at (503) 687-2524.

Incomplete applications may not be forwarded to the hiring manager(s).

Total compensation package offered includes:

Ongoing training and opportunities for advancement are part of our culture!

MV Advancements’ benefits for full-time employees presently includes:

  • paid personal time off
  • 6 paid holidays off plus one “floating holiday”
  • medical, dental, and vision insurance benefits at minimal cost to employee
  • 100% employer paid short-term disability, group term life and ad/d insurance
  • the opportunity to participate in our company sponsored 401(k) with potential contributions from employer.

All employees and their immediate family members are offered access to our robust, 100% employer paid Employee Assistance Program.

Additionally, we provide all State and federally mandated benefits such as paid Oregon Sick Leave.


The Structure

We are a long-established local non-profit, providing solutions-oriented services to those we support in the areas of Employment, Residential, and Community Inclusion. Our teams and programs provide supports that range from life-changing dream jobs to regular inclusive shopping experiences. In alignment with our tireless pursuit of increased enrichment experiences, our internship opportunities and objectives will be varied and may be customized to maximize the ability of the intern to contribute in a meaningful way.

Internships are offered concurrent with Linfield semesters, beginning at the launch of a semester, and generally lasting 2-3 months.

The Program

MV Advancements interns partner with us in our mission of assisting persons experiencing disabilities to develop to their highest potential and achieve fulfilling lives. Bringing with them unique insights, our interns expand and deepen the variety of services offered to our clients. By taking on varied roles and challenges, interns will gain knowledge about the community we support and relevant experience in developing solutions that directly impact lives.

Ask about Interning

Opportunities for extended internships are offered when available at the discretion of MV Advancements.

Supporting Your Success

Through partnering with MV Advancements, we hope you will discover the inspiration we’ve found in those we support, through understanding and meeting their needs, and experiencing their successes alongside them.

To help you navigate this experience, your internship will include the following:

  • A See the Heart orientation tour of MV Advancements.
  • An intern supervisor to communicate expectations, review progress, and coach towards success.
  • A peer-review opportunity to evaluate your end result and provide constructive feedback.
  • Resources and direction as needed to achieve your internship goals.
  • Schedule flexibility, as available, to work on-site or remotely.

Join Our Team

Experience with the community we support is not necessary to be an intern. If you have a passion to give back and expand your awareness of the need around you, you could be the initiator of our next solution. Apply for an internship now, or call or email to find out more.

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MV Advancements is seeking employees who will support the agency’s belief in the value of community-based services that promote independence, integration, and self-respect among its clientele. We welcome applicants who have a passion for working with developmentally disabled adults.


MV Advancements offers the following benefits for full-time employees:

  • Paid Personal Time Off
  • 6 Paid holidays plus one “floating” holiday
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision for employee-only coverage at minimal cost to the employee
  • 100% Employer Paid Short Term Disability
  • 100% Employer Paid Life and ad/d Insurance
  • Participation in our Revitalization Program, which may be redeemed after 7 years of continued employment for 4 weeks of paid time off
  • Opportunity to participate in company-sponsored 401(k) with potential for employer contribution
  • 100% Employer Paid Employee Assistance Program for the employee and their household.
  • Access to Telemedicine for the employee and anyone in their household.
  • State and Federally mandated leave programs i.e. Oregon Sick Leave, Oregon Family Medical Leave

MV Advancements offers the following benefits for part-time employees:

  • Opportunity to participate in company-sponsored 401(k) with potential for employer contribution
  • 100% Employer Paid Employee Assistance Program for the employee and their household.
  • Access to Telemedicine for the employee and anyone in their household.
  • State and Federally mandated leave programs i.e. Oregon Sick Leave, Oregon Family Medical Leave

MV Advancements is a drug-free work environment. We reserve the right to test for the presence of drugs and/or alcohol in the following situations:

  • Pre-Employment
  • Random
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Post Accident
  • Other Required Testing

A regular full-time employee is a person who is regularly and consistently scheduled to work thirty (30) or more hours per week.

In order to attract, retain, and reward qualified people, we have implemented a formal pay structure to strive to ensure we pay competitive wages. Wage increases are influenced by:

  • An individual employee’s Performance Evaluation
  • Their years of service
  • Where the employee is within the pay range for their position
  • The financial abilities of our organization
  • Inflation

MV Advancements likes to see our employees advance in their jobs and gain the skills needed to work in other areas of the Company. While we can’t guarantee a promotion or transfer, whenever possible it is our policy to consider current staff members for such opportunities when they arise.

You may request to change shifts or trade shifts with a co-worker to your direct supervisor. Prior authorization is required.

MV Advancements expects all employees to dress and portray themselves in a manner that promotes a positive image of people with disabilities and assists with integration into their communities. Employees are expected to maintain a neat, clean, and well-groomed appearance that is appropriate to their positions and tasks.

Our clients shed such a different light on life and the way things operate; they make you see things from a whole new perspective.

-Laura, MV Advancements, DSP

I love that moment when they “figure it out.” When you are helping them work on something they may be struggling with and it clicks; the pure joy that they show in the achievement is priceless.

-Jessica Davidson, - Residential Assistant Manager

We are more alike than we are different. It is amazing to see them embracing, and being embraced by the community.

-Margaret, MV Advancements, DSP

The best part of working with our clients is the way you feel when you come to work. Seeing the clients light up when they see you and genuinely are so happy you are there. It makes you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself, you’re making someone’s life better, making someone happy just being there that day and that makes this job like no other.

-Randy McCallister, - MVA Employee