Charitable Planning

Charitable Gifts from IRAs are a popular way to gain tax advantages, even after the 2018 federal tax overhaul. Many people can take advantage of this tool to reduce their annual taxable income and invest the money in a charitable nonprofit that matches their values. This type of charitable gift from an IRA offers several tax benefits; decreased income level, an opportunity to itemize deductions and reduced taxes on social security benefits. To utilize this tool, call your IRA trustee to make a distribution directly to your charity of choice.

Other Ways to give:

  • Name a charity, like MV Advancements, as the beneficiary of your IRA, life insurance policy, will, trust, or retirement plan such as a 401K.
  • Donate your required annual minimum distribution to a non-profit organization
  • Invest in a charitable gift annuity

How Does Charitable Giving Help?

MV Advancements would not be doing the good work we are today if it wasn’t for donors giving through their estates, trusts, wills, and annual pledges. In 1986, MV Advancements was the recipient of $282,000 through an end of life gift. The board of directors made the wise decision to invest that seed money to build an endowment for the security of MV Advancements’ longevity. Through the growth of this initial investment, MV Advancements can now assist individuals experiencing developmental disabilities above and beyond the basic cost that we receive from our contract services. We are using this rainy day fund by investing on behalf of the individuals we serve so that they too can live a good life.
If you’ve already named MV Advancements in your estate plan, please let us know! We would like to thank you.

If you have questions about how to give or how to maximize your financial benefits, talk to your CPA or estate planning attorney.

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