Having a secure, supportive home life is crucial to the success of the individuals we serve. MV Advancements offers three levels of supported care for individuals and five locations to choose from. Each home is operated by dedicated and caring staff committed to providing safe and healthy living environments. Options for supportive living offer levels of care that can be chosen and customized to the individual. Our goal is to empower individuals to be as independent as they want by offering them social interactions, outings, volunteer opportunities or employment so they can lead a full life. We strive to provide motivation, encouragement and support in a compassionate manner with a home environment to help individuals achieve their highest potential.

Services for supportive living can also be offered to individuals living in their own homes. Individuals choose residences according to their level of need, their desire for independence, and how involved they are in the community.

Supportive Environments

Our homes are all fully accessible and offer private bedrooms. Each group home has a cheerful atmosphere, offers 24-hour comprehensive support, and privacy for residents when desired. Residents are provided with the necessary care required for each situation. While for some this means 24-hour care and supervision, for others it may only be 24-hour staffing.

Available Assistance

Other lifestyle choices include:

  • apartment-style living or independent living
  • financial management
  • transportation
  • grocery shopping assistance

MVA-Owned and Operated Homes

MV Advancments

Johnstone Court

Two homes that offer 24-hour comprehensive supports and training for the 10 residents. →

McMinnville, Oregon

Johnstone Court

MV Advancments

Brooks Street Home

One home for three older, medically-complicated clients needing 24-hour support and care. →

McMinnville, Oregon

MV Advancments

Valley's Edge

Two custom built homes where 10 residents receive 24-hour comprehensive support and training. →

McMinnville, Oregon

MV Advancments

Baker Street Apartments

A small apartment complex for nine residents needing different types of personalized support. →

McMinnville, Oregon

We are more alike than we are different. It is amazing to see them embracing, and being embraced by the community.

Margaret, DSP, MV Advancements

Our goal is to assist individuals to achieve and maintain their ideal lifestyles. Varying levels of lifestyle are offered to individuals who choose to utilize our residential options.

Every individual MV Advancements serves creates a plan that details what their needs are, how they want to live and any desires they have. Each plan includes goals for self-fulfillment and improvement and is revisited annually.


For our clients that choose to live independently in the community we have staff available to provide supports in a variety of areas. These services can include assistance with grocery shopping, personal shopping, healthy options decision making, banking, medical appointments, medication management and vacation planning. Staff can also help with filling out applications needed for benefits re-certification. Regular safety and medication checks are performed for all clients who self-administer their own medications. All Supported Living Program clients are provided with a posted phone number for the SLP emergency phone for 24-hour access.

Having a secure, supportive home life is crucial to the success of our clients. MVA-owned and operated housing options offer the appropriate level of support while encouraging independence and social interaction. We strive to provide motivation, encouragement and support in a compassionate manner in these home environments to help our clients achieve their highest potential.

Currently there are no vacancies in our homes or apartments. At this time we do not offer a wait list.

Each person has a private room they are able to decorate any way they wish and open common living areas. Also included are healthy planned and prepared meals.
Our residents are very active in their homes and community. They attend local sporting events, concerts and community dances. There is opportunity to attend the residents chosen religious service or place of worship. Out of town trips are also planned, the Oregon Coast is always a favorite destination.
Each home has 24 hour awake staffing 7 days a week. A medical coordinator is available at each 24 hour program to serve as a liaison between the home and the doctors’ offices.