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MVA Message re:COVID19

In light of the COVID19 virus, we want to keep you informed of the precautions and steps we are taking at MV Advancements (MVA) regarding COVID19. The wellbeing of our supported individuals and our dedicated staff are our number one priority.

While information (and misinformation) has been flooding from various sources the last couple of weeks, we have been diligently monitoring federal, state and local communications regarding COVID19. We are acting on the guidance from our funder, The Office of Developmental Disability and the Governor of the State of Oregon.

Effective March 18th, we will temporarily be closing most of our Community […]

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Bottle Bill

A message from Linda Hays.

“Yesterday, I had the honor of saying a few words at Bottle Bills Memorial service. The people who knew Bill the best- the MV Advancements team- knew they couldn’t get through the process without sobbing, so they asked a few people from the community. For those of you who don’t live locally, Bill proudly went by “Bottle Bill” because he rode his trike around collecting bottles and cans to redeem the deposit. With a constant twinkle in his eye, “I love you honey”s, and his insatiable desire to connect with others, Bill had one of […]

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